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Kverneland 4f Reversible Plough

Kverneland 4f Reversible Plough

New in stock!

Easily adaptable to different soils and tractors, the interbody clearance of 85cm or 100cm gives the possibility to plough regardless of weather or crop conditions.

The front part construction makes it adaptable to any tractors.

The advantages:

  • Kverneland steel and heat treatment technology to the complete plough!
  • Reduced lift requirements compared to other brands
  • Easy to pull
  • Easy to adjust and to operate
  • Enrivalled Auto-reset system for ES
  • Equipped with Variomat - Vari-width® system for “on the Move” ploughing width adjustments
  • Packomat compatible
  • Can be extended by 1/2 furrow  to max. 6 furrow plough

ES-85/100-200, auto-reset beam, 30 - 50cm working width, 70/75 under beam clearance, 3 - 6 furrows. 

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